Dear Brother,

           You and your Masonic friends cordially and fraternally invited to attend the 3064th Stated Communication of Continental Lodge 287, to be held in the Renaissance Room, 6th floor, Masonic Hall, 71 West 23rd Street
April 5th 2017 at 7:00 p.m. SHARP!
for the transaction of such business as may regularly and constitutionally be brought before the Lodge.

Table Lodge with Abravanel Lodge #1116

NOTE: There is No Pre Meeting Collation due to the
Table Lodge Meeting Starting at 8:00

Sincerely and fraternally,  
Rafael Preza                                                     Edward Weigert
     Master                                                                Secretary  

Current Communication
                              FROM THE EAST

           Brethren our last communication was awesome.  We conferred the EA degree on a Speculative Lewis.  A Speculative Lewis is a son of a Mason.  Our newly initiated Brother is Jose Vega III, whose father passed away a few weeks before the initiation.  His father might not have been there with us in the physical but he definitely was there in the spiritual.  Our Lodge was also hit with another loss in the surprisingly death of Brother Adelphis Rivera.  We will give both of our departed brothers our farewell and will honor them by draping our altar on their behalf.  I would like to thank the full degree team for a job well done.  It’s great to see great ritual from all you brothers.  I keep on saying it that Continental has a great present and a brighter future.  The Traveling Man Committee keeps on spreading brotherly love everywhere it travels.  And our esoteric group “Seekers of the Light” keeps on getting bigger and stronger with great topics being discussed by the brothers that are present.  I am truly excited for our next communication.  We will be co-hosting a table lodge in conjunction with Abravanel Lodge # 1116.  We will have our DGM Charles Catapano in attendance and the speaker of the evening is none other than WB Andrew Hammer, author of the book “Observing the Craft.”  The cost of the table lodge is $45.00 and is open to all Masons so brothers spread the word.  Because we have our table lodge that will be catered, we are going to open the Lodge at 7:00 pm SHARP.  We have some important business to discuss and some candidates to ballot on.  After our regular meeting we can enjoy our table lodge.

One last but important thing my brothers.  Its very important that you pay your dues.  If there is a reason that you are not able to do it please reach out to me or our secretary RW Ed Weigert. 

W:.M:. Rafael Preza

Masonic Light

Order of the Eastern Star
I have noticed a great amount of interest amongst the brethren of Continental with regards to appendant and concordant bodies of Freemasonry. With this in mind, I thought this month I would give a brief background on one such body: The Order of the Eastern Star.
The Order of the Eastern Star is the world's largest fraternal organization to which men and women may both belong. There are over one million members of the order worldwide who fall under the governance of the General Grand Chapter.
Dr. Robert Morris, the poet laureate of Masonry, founded this Order using Biblical examples of heroic conduct and moral values. These portray the noble principles which should adorn the personal lives of Eastern Star members. Eastern Star strives to build an environment which is dedicated to Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness by uplifting each other and through community service.
The Order of the Eastern Star was founded by Dr. Rob Morris in the late 1800’s. As a Master Mason, Dr. Morris had the idea that it would be nice to have a way for female relatives of Master Masons to share the benefits of knowledge and self-improvement that Freemasonry made available to men and to have a place in the Masonic Family that would allow men and women to participate together.
Dr. Morris and his wife Charlotte worked on this idea of a Masonic fraternal Order for Master Masons and their female relatives for many years. In 1850, Dr. Morris selected the Biblical heroines and the lessons and values of the Order. He established the signs and passes, colors and emblems of the Order and defined the fundamental principles which have remained
unchanged throughout the years. The first ceremony book for the Order was compiled and published under the title of “The Rosary of the Eastern Star.”
In 1866, Dr. Morris became associated with Mr. Robert Macoy, who took over the planning and organization of the Order of the Eastern Star. In 1867 and 1868, Mr. Macoy compiled and published a Ritual, using Dr. Morris’ Rosary as a guide. This was the beginning of the organization of Chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star in the United States as well as internationally. He immediately attempted to make the work more systematic and succeeded in adapting it to organized Chapters in such a way as to assure their success.
The first Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star was organized in Michigan in 1867.
Compiled by JW Bro Harold Velazquez Source:
On the Esoteric Side
On this months On the Esoteric Side section I wanted to briefly expound more on the Lewis Jewel. Not really on the esoteric side of it but more to give more light for you brethren. As I had mentioned above, a Speculative Lewis is the son of a Mason. The operative Lewis tool is a tool whose purpose is to raise heavy blocks of stone into place.
“It consists of three metal parts: two wedge-shaped side pieces, and a straight center piece, that fit together. A dovetailed recess is cut into the top of the stone block. The two outer pieces are inserted first and then spread by the insertion of the centerpiece. The three parts are then bolted together, a metal ring or shackle is attached and the block is hoisted by hook, rope and pulley. By this means, the block is gripped securely. Once set in its place in the structure, the Lewis is removed leaving the upper surface smooth with no clamp or chains on the outside to interfere with the laying of the next course.”
Source: GL website
W:.Rafael Preza